Welcome To CBD.mt!

Thank you for visiting our site. It is our hope that we can help you to understand enough to decide whether CBD is right for you and your body.

Wherever we make a claim on this site we back it up with one or more links to the research. Most of those links go to university websites around the world who are currently researching the possible uses and health benefits of CBD. We don’t want you to feel as though you need to trust our judgement – and why should you? – when the actual research is being conducted by some of the most prestigious universities in the world. We do not pretend to be world renowned experts on these topics, because we are not. We are probably much like you – interested and learning day-by-day. Whenever we find interesting research, we will do our best to explain it and also reference it fully.

What is CBD?

We investigate the subject of what a cannabidiol is, where it comes from and how it helps people – and may help you. This means that we also delve into the related worlds of cannabis and THC.

Is CBD legal in Malta?

At the time of writing, the legal situation in Malta is not totally clear. The government has made great strides in the field of medical cannabis for pain relief by passing an initial law in 2015 and then learning from it and creating a more user friendly framework in 2018. However, outside of that framework, there has been little said about CBD for other less critical uses. More legislation, regulation, enforcement and activity will be required if CBD is to become the new business and health sector that the government wishes it to be. We discuss the legal status of CBD in Malta here.

Despite the unclear legal situation, there will be events in 2019 to promote the wider cannabis sector, including CBD in Malta. These events show that the Maltese government is trying to build an entire ecosystem, for research, startups and retail in Malta. If this can be developed in the coming years, then it is likely that CBD in Malta will be legal for research, medicinal and recreational purposes.   

What CBD products are available?

Just as with the larger cannabis sector, there are many innovative ways to try, taste or use a cannabidiol. You have probably heard or read about CBD oil or CBD vape juice but there are also tablets, capsules and many more options available. 

These options cover a rang of ways to take CBD but also a growing and very innovative range of types and tastes. For example, there are both vegetarian and vegan products available in some countries.

There are also a wide range of strengths of products that exist. There are many reasons for this variety, but it is another area to be explored by an individual before deciding to test or buy a product.

However, who can buy CBD in Malta, under what circumstances and where it can be bought from are issues with real legal consequences, so we investigate and offer ideas to help you stay legal. For now, almost none of these products are for sale in Malta for recreational use, but some are available for medicinal use. This means that people in Malta are either purchasing from a pharmacy with their Dr’s prescription, or they are purchasing online, possibly outside of the law.

To Sum Up…

The current situation of CBD in Malta is clearly complicated and likely to change in the future. We will do everything we can to keep you up-to-date, safe and within the law. It looks like the development of this sector will be both an adventure and a revolution – we look forward to finding our way through it with you.