Malta To Relax Home Grown Cannabis Laws In 2020

CBD comes from the cannabis plant which can be grown for multiple reasons. Here at we believe in the power of CBD for pain relief purposes.

The law in Malta currently allows cannabis to be grown for personal use, if only one plant is being cultivated. Any more than one plant leaves the owner liable for prosecution, if caught, and a minimum prison sentence of six months, if convicted. The thinking is that more than one plant could be grown to be sold, but one plant really is a small and personal amount. To put that another way, the law allows for a certain amount of personal use, but wants to prevent and restrict the drug trade wherever it can.

Today, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici announced that in January a new law will be tabled before the Maltese parliament with the goal of reducing that minimum prison sentence in January 2020. It seems that the government has realised that public sentiment is more lenient on personal use of marijuana than a law that permits the growing of one plant. There was a public outcry earlier in 2019 when a Maltese woman was fined and sentenced to six months in prison for growing six small plants in the same pot.

It would seem that this is another small, but important, step in gradually moving cannabis, medical cannabis and CBD into a more legally tolerated status in Malta.

The press conference and Justice Minister Bonnici’s proposal is reported on here and here.

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