How Can CBD Help With Pain Relief?

Pain can be classified into different categories such as neuropathic pain where damage or inflammation is experienced in the nervous system; an example of this is carpal tunnel syndrome. Other forms of pain include acute pain in the case of broken bones or damaged tissue and lastly, centralised pain mostly experienced in the form of migraines or tension headaches that could tap into the realm of chronic pain.

CBD oil can help to mitigate the pain experienced in all three situations and is a great remedy for pain relief in general. Cannabidiol is a product that treats medical conditions with its antioxidant effect and cause for reduction in inflammation. It is extracted from industrial hemp and works with the endocannabinoid system in the brain to reduce pain perception while targeting chemicals such as serotonin and anandamide.

Ultimately, CBD oil has the potential to relieve pain in the same way common pharmaceutical drugs do and takes effect on the body and brain within twenty to sixty minutes – relief action that regular pain management medication promises in a non-chemical way.

Is CBD A Good Choice For Pain Management?

CBD is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant; it is a distant cousin to THC but does not produce the ‘high’ experience in the recreational smoking of marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) creates psychological effects on the brain while Cannabidiol (CBD) relieves inflammation, pain and discomfort in many medical phenomena, generally managed by man-made chemical prescriptions.

While there are similarities in THC and CBD, especially in the role it plays on the endocannabinoid system; mostly relating to increased appetite, pain management and sometimes even memory inhibition, CBD is not addictive; but THC can be. Prescription drugs could also become addictive; seeing as they are creating a sense of relief to the body; so natural solutions offer the results without the dependency.

Using CBD for pain management is recommended by many experts but also shunned by some too. If you’re thinking of using CBD oil for pain management opt for oils, edibles or other forms of consumption that do not include smoking or vaping, be sure to purchase from licensed and reputable sources, start off slow and low and be sure to follow all legislative laws during your medication treatment.

CBD For Chronic Pain Relief

All living beings have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) ; a cell-signaling system that sends messages to your brain and the immune system. Experts believe that CBD can interact with the ECS receptors in the brain by means of different stimuli; mostly chemical, that are administered into the body. Much like any foreign body in our system, the brain reacts in a positive or negative way and in turn has an effect on our general wellbeing.

The receptors in our ECS are proteins attached to our cells and with the introduction of CBD in the system, an anti-inflammatory response is generated that helps to deal with pain management. CBD oil and other products derived from the cannabis plant containing CBD have the capacity to help sufferers of chronic pain.

Chronic pain can come in tolerable forms such as back pain, arthritis and even migraines or tension headaches but can be as serious as cancer related pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain.

Can CBD Be Used For Anxiety Relief?

Anxiety disorders come in many forms. Classified as mental disorders prompted by feelings of anxiety and fear stimulated by worry of future events and reactions to current events. Anxiety can cause physical symptoms such as fast heart rate, shakiness and other bodily reactions. Generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) is a common sensation that many experience for short or prolonged periods in their lives and can develop into phobias, panic disorders and in some cases selective mutism. CBD is a remedy that can alleviate such disorders and has proven to reduce stress in general.

While scientific studies have mostly been carried out on lab animals, human analysis is well on the way and personal testimonials have been shared by the general public to show satisfactory improvements in a variety of stress-related disorders.

CBD may also provide beneficial results for people suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Anxiety-induced Insomnia is another form of anxiety that may be treated by CBD, but as in all cases, in-depth research on the treatment is yet to be conducted.

Can CBD Be Used For Back Pain Treatment?

Cannabidiol is a suggested complementary treatment that can help reduce the inflammation caused by back pain, both temporary bouts of pain and chronic back pain. It can be applied to the body in many forms such as topical creams or gels that have been shown to play vital changes to the neuropathic system. Such treatments can also be used for neck pain treatment.

Further studies into the general benefits that CBD has on the body still needs to be carried out and researched further but there is substantial evidence that some sort of relief could be experienced by those suffering from issues with their spine or bad posture.

The benefits of the sativa can be extracted in the form of THC and CBD, both produce anti-inflammatory results but CBD is the better option when it comes to legal medical treatment. Other benefits for back pain include the fight against anxiety often associated with prolonged back pain issues as well as sleep improvement through the relaxation factors CBD provides for back pain treatment.

How Is CBD Used For Inflammation And Related Pain?

Inflammation is a natural protective response initiated by the body when exposed to infection, illness or injury. Acute and chronic inflammation are two types of responses performed by the body and are both reactions by the immune system where immune cells are unleashed upon the affected area causing redness and swelling.

Inflammation is necessary in the body’s natural defense against disease, but chronic inflammation induced by diabetes for example may create unwanted side effects that can at times be hard to manage. This undesirable response can be managed by means of CBD; a plant derived treatment that possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties when administered correctly.

Research shows that CBD has the ability to modulate the immune system with its reaction to receptors in the brain. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and related pain by blocking pain receptors and therefore reducing the effect on the sufferer’s wellbeing and daily life.

Can CBD Be Used For Back Pain Treatment?

Cannabidiol is a suggested complementary treatment that can help reduce the inflammation caused by back pain, both temporary bouts of pain and chronic back pain. It can be applied to the body in many forms such as topical creams or gels that have been shown to play vital changes to the neuropathic system. Such treatments can also be used for neck pain treatment.

Can CBD Be A Treatment For Arthritis Sufferers?

Arthritis is one of the world’s biggest inflammatory ailments and can not be cured by modern medicine; it can though be relieved by diet, natural remedies and  controlled physical exercise. CBD oil is one of the therapies used to manage arthritic pain problems and can help both Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA).

RA is an autoimmune disease that is caused when the immune system attacks the body’s joints, causing inflammation that tends to create stiffness, swelling and pain. OA is a painful degenerative disease that also affects mobility in the joints but also causes problems to the cartilage and bones. RA generally occurs in hands and feet while OA targets the hips, knees and thumbs.

CBD has been researched for its response to the pain receptors in the affected areas and has produced results that seem to reduce swelling, inflammation and overall pain. It is best administered topically and not through smoking or vaping; as such methods are known to increase inflammation.

Is CBD A Pain Relief Treatment For Epilepsy And Seizures?

Epilepsy is a disorder that targets the central nervous system where brain activity becomes abnormal and causes seizures; unusual behaviour, odd sensations and at times even loss of awareness. The research and studies on use for pain relief or treatment are scarce, mainly due to legal restrictions.

Controlled studies have shown improvements in duration and intensity of seizures as well as the clearance of any seizures in the prolonged use of CBD oil. The side effects connected with CBD oil mostly resulted in decreased energy levels during the day and increased awareness during the night. The most beneficial results though have been noted in both the initial use for young and old sufferers, long-term effects are still being researched for the overall benefit of epileptic patients.

Is CBD A Treatment For Cannabis Withdrawal?

As paradoxical as it might sound, individuals battling cannabis withdrawal symptoms might greatly benefit from treating themselves with CBD infused products, to help fight their addiction and reconnection with THC.

CBD and THC, although both derived from the same plant – the cannabis plant – promote two very different effects on the body. THC is considered by many governments and lay people as a drug that can be classified as a gateway drug to other illegal substances, others believe that it is a natural plant that promotes factors such as creativity, improved sleep patterns and overall merriment. Two greatly opposing concepts that will battle it out for eons.

CBD though, has another sort of reputation among the masses. It is widely accepted as a natural treatment for many diseases, conditions or disorders such as back pain, anxiety and epilepsy; but it may also have the ability to wean cannabis users off the illegal substance and onto the medical form of cannabis.

The similarities in the beneficial factors include reduced tension, stress and worry as well as better management for pain in general. Ex-cannabis users can opt for a THC-free treatment that provides them with all the medicinal benefits, relaxation prompts and creativity surges without the ‘high’ they are trying to stray away from.